About Us

Australian Sports Party

Australian Sports Party is a Political Party promoting healthy living through sport.
Australian Sports Party is a Political Party promoting healthy living through sport.

Healthy Living Through Sport

About Us

The Australian Sports Party is focused on helping Australians live a healthy well balanced lifestyle through sport and recreation, which provides enjoyment and creates strong communities.

Involvement in sport results in participants leading a healthier lifestyle.
Australians are passionate about sport, and it forms a major part of our country's culture, with the enjoyment sports provide through participation and spectating.
Sport has long played an important social and cultural role in Australia, providing a form of social glue which binds communities and creates broader communities.

Our Vision

For every Australian to be involved in sport and recreation to assist in living a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle in a strong community.

Our Mission

To provide all Australians with an opportunity to be involved with sport and exercise to transform their lives and make health living a part of Australian culture. We do this by embracing the challenges and delivering real opportunities for all regardless of age, sex, culture or region. Our philosophy is to ensure simplicity for Australians by providing free sports and exercise areas that encourages participation. We are focused on participating in key markets; health and community services. With our commitment to these key markets we support accessibility to sports.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the Australian Sports Party are to:
• Promote a healthy well-balanced lifestyle.
• Educate and motivate Australians to live healthy lifestyle.
• Increase sporting participation.
• Increase childhood health with grassroots sport participation via school curriculum.
• Maximise free use of Government controlled facilities such as parks, reserves, public leisure centers and recreation programs.
• Create stronger communities.
• Support Australia's sporting culture.

Our Values

Integrity: Our actions are ethical, accountable and honest
Responsibility: Committed to improving the health & wellbeing for all Australians
Compassion: Care and support all regardless of needs
Teamwork: We will drive, inspire to introduce sport & physical exercise to lead to a healthier lifestyle
Enjoyment : We enjoy sports and exercise achievements